Champlain Elementary

Champlain Elementary School is SSP's first pilot school in Burlington, Vermont.  Beginning in 2002 Champlain teachers explored how to use the lens of sustainability to enhance their curriculum, improve campus practices, deepen community partnerships and collaboration. 

The school community focused on several key areas including increasing students' sense of place and pride in their community, civic engagement and service-learning, and incorporating sustainability and literacy.  We offered teacher professional development in both curriculum development and understanding sustainability concepts and issues.  Teachers participated in internships with a diversity of community partners.  During their internships they developed new units of study and school-wide projects such as the school's Living Machine and accompanying manual.

We piloted many of our programs and promising practices at Champlain -- Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Kids, Sustainability After-School Programs, Sustainability Parent Series, and School-Wide Composting -- and continue to support their efforts to continue these programs and develop new innovative units of study. 

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