Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)


Shelburne Farms has long been a partner with the Institute for Sustainable Communities, based in Montpelier Vermont.  Most recently we have been working in Guangdong Province of China on a three year project engaging communities, schools, NGOs, businesses and higher education in Education for Sustainable Development.  Read more about this project HERE.  Working with our partners LEAF in Japan, ISC China, South China Normal University, and Green Point we're connecting with local schools and pre-service teachers to use the community for teaching and learning and apply the lens of sustainability to campus practices and curriculum.  Read more about ISC's China projects

ISC's mission is to help communities around the world address environmental, economic, and social challenges to build a better future shaped and shared by all.

We are in the business of unleashing the power of people to transform their communities. Our approach ensures solutions emerge from within the community, rather than being imposed from the outside. By combining technical expertise and leadership training with strategic investments in local organizations, we are sparking creative solutions and lasting change.

Since our founding in 1991 by former Vermont Governor Madeleine M. Kunin, ISC has led transformative community-driven projects across the globe. We garnered early recognition for connecting civic participation with environmental problem solving, and over the years we have developed an approach that accelerates a community's ability to meet challenges head on.

Whether the challenge at hand is halting air and water pollution, catalyzing HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns, or training new civic leaders, our work is making a real difference in millions of lives across the world. We get people involved in shaping their future and cultivate local talent—enabling people to become strong advocates and effective leaders in their communities.

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