E.L.I. - Ecological Learning Institute


The Ecological Learning Insitute (E.L.I.) has been working with SSP and the Sustainability Academy to redesign the school campus for teaching and learning about sustainability.  From the initial design charettes with students, families, and community partners to the development and construction of the first garden we knew that E.L.I. will be a long-term partner with SSP.

E.L.I.  is dedicated to community self determination through ecological design strategies.

Through research, design, education, and service, we partner with communities to help foster resiliency, greater sustainability, and equity.

The range of our projects aims to meet our four goals of service, research, design, and education.  By striving for rigor and excellence in all four of these areas, we hope to create work and working communities that address the relevant urgent issues faced by communities today. 

Descriptions of projects including community design charrettes, biochar experiment, ecological design workshops, community master landscape plans, and mushroom production.


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