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Shelburne Farms has been partnering with teachers from Burlington School District for more than 25 years.  More recently the Sustainable Schools Project has been working with two pilot schools in Burlington - Champlain elementary school and the Sustainability Academy (formerly Lawrence Barnes).

From the Burlington School District website:

Burlington School District's goal is to prepare all students to succeed in higher education, careers and citizenship by providing challenging core academic instruction, enriched arts, math, sciences and wellness experiences, and 21st century skill development opportunities.

Review theupdated plan which outlines strategies in each of theschools and the central office supports.Read More

Hallmarks Of Excellence
November 13, 2009

At the November 13th Board Retreat, the commissioners passed a resolution re-affirming these "Hallmarks of Excellence" as a cornerstone of the vision for the future of Burlington Schools.

Rigorous academics
Differentiated instruction
Enriched arts, math and sciences, and wellness experiences
Education for a sustainable future
21st century learning: technology-infused, project-based, real-world relevance
Promoting diversity and cultural competence
Community partnerships

2009-2010 Update On Our Vision

The task ahead of us is clear -- preparing every one of Burlington's kids for their future. The work we do with our youth in and out of our schools becomes the engine that drives the economic, cultural and social prosperity of our city.

To meet our goals, we continue to implement our Excellence and Equity plans. With your help, in each of our schools, we are working toward the shared vision that we developed over the last 3 years. Our vision includes strong and successful collaboration among our teachers, staff, community partners, and parents. Our cultural and economic diversity continues to be one of our strengths, as our students learn in a rich environment that reflects our increasingly global society and workplace.

Expanding partnerships is a critical element of our vision. Our community partners play a key role in all of our schools. Working with our local colleges -- St. Michaels College, Champlain College, CCV, the University of Vermont along with the Flynn Theater, Burlington City Arts, Very Merry Theater, Vermont Youth Orchestra, Shelburne Farms, City Market, the Intervale, Echo Center, among many other partners -- ensures new opportunities for our students that help prepare them for the career opportunities of the 21st century.

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