Shelburne Farms SSP 1st Cohort of EFS Leadership Academy

Congratulations and Welcome to:
Marjie Bish, Hanover Street School, NH
Signe Daly, Champlain College, VT
Lindsey Halman, EDGE Academy, VT
Emily Hoyler, Cornwall Elementary, VT
Lisa Masi, Ridge and Valley Charter School, NJ
Peter McConville, Burlington High School, VT
Debra Paul, Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School, VT
Erin Sterner, Sustainable Energy Resource Group, VT
Donnan Stoicvoy, Park Forest School, PA
Lauren Theis, Raritan Headwaters Association, NJ
Suzanne Weishaar, Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes, VT
Paul Suk-Hyun Yoon, Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School, VT

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