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2017 Green Schools Conference and Expo January 23, 2017
Early Bird Deadline Extended to February 3, 2017!
EFS Case Studies October 4, 2016
10 exciting case studies of EFS in action from around the country.
Sugaring in a Changing Climate April 13, 2016
Our educators talk about sugaring and climate change
Cultivating Climate Resilience Summit 2016 March 4, 2016
An Education Summit for Empowerment & Action hosted by SWEEP
Join us for summer professional development! March 3, 2016
Summer Professional Development at Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Farms in China with Middlebury College and The October 22, 2015
Ryan Morra goes to China!
ASCD In Service Blog October 22, 2015
“…Inspirational, reflective, and restorative summer professional work is so essential to nurturing the whole teacher. “ Find out how Shelburne Farms serves that role for many educators practicing Education for Sustainability.
Summer 2016 Professional Learning Opportunities Posted October 6, 2015
Join us in 2016!
Shelburne Farms SSP 1st Cohort of EFS Leadership Academy April 3, 2015
We are excited to welcome the first cohort of the EFS Leadership Academy
Summer Professional Learning at Shelburne Farms February 17, 2015
Join us for one of our professional learning programs - its like camp for teachers!
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