State and National Standards

UPDATED February 2014

As of 2013 Vermont has adopted the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.  For more information on Vermont's plan to implement the Common Core standards go here 

For more information on Vermont's plan for the Next Generation Science Standards go here

National Standards

Common Core Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

National Education for Sustainability Standards

The K-12 and Teacher Education sector of the US Partnership for Education for Sustainability has developed a set of draft standards.  The National Education for Sustainability K-12  Student Learning Standards, Version 3 were developed by the K-12 and Teacher Education Sector of the USPESD with input from K-12 educators in public, private, and pre-service (teacher education) fields. Version 3 of the standards includes content updates and clarifications in response to expert and general public review and comments.

Vermont State Standards:

Vermont was the first state in the country to adopt a sustainability standard in 2000.  The standard was developed by a consortium know as Cultivating New Partnerships.  Read more about the process in this article in the International Journal of  Environmental, Cultural, Economic, & Social Sustainability by UVM faculty Russ Agne.

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