Education for Sustainability

Educating for Sustainability is “learning that links knowledge, inquiry, and action to help students build a healthy future for their communities and the planet.” EFS helps teachers bridge grade levels and subject areas, curriculum and school operations, parent and community partnerships. Through SSP, a school develops its own meaningful, coherent approach to improve curriculum, community partnerships and campus ecology.

Teachers learn about the community’s vision and strategies for a sustainable future, then bring this larger dialogue into their curriculum with a focus that’s appropriate for their students. This fosters ongoing school-community partnerships that gain staying power from their ties to the curriculum and to each other. And these partnerships create learning opportunities for students in their community–whether in the schoolyard or at the food shelf.

With each lesson learned, students develop their own understanding of the web of connections that make up their community and their role in it. Students’ personal appreciation and experience of interdependence give them the foundation for understanding and supporting global decision-making in their future. 

Read the US Partnership's White Paper on Education for Sustainability.

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