Sustainability-Themed Family Book Bags

Food / Farming
Equity / Social Justice
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Susanna Paterson, former librarian at the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes in Burlington, Vermont created this wonderful resource for educators and libraries.  Each link below brings you to either a book list or an annotated bibliography of the books she recommends under each theme.  Many of the lists have children's literature, adult reads, and other suggested resources for the take-home book bags.  Download one or all of these great lists to start your own Family Book Bags!!

Family Book Bags have books for different student reading levels and adults on themes and big ideas of sustainability.  The Family-School Partnership, who funded these book bags, is designed to support learning at home and in the community.  Learn more about the library at the Sustainability Academy.


Family Book Bag Book List Big Ideas and Themes:

A Forest Walk

Abenaki Community

Ability to Make a Difference



Chicken and Wheat Life Cycles

Civil Rights

Collecting Stories  (this series has a flip camera, recorder, etc and only one book)


Diversity 1

Diversity 2

Food and Food Justice

Gardening - Community

Helping in a Community

Immigrant Experience

Living in a Community


Pumpkin Life Cycle

Social Justice

City Environment

Human Body

Thinking about Food


We are all Different

Winter Walk 

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