Quality of Life Cards

Equity / Social Justice

These sheets of images are great conversation starters. Just print, laminate and cut out the cards and you'll have a set of cards that you can use for a variety of activities.  Here at SSP we use them for:

  • Introductions - have participants chose a card that means something to them or speaks to them.  Have them create a metaphor with that image related to sustainability, quality of life, healthy communities or whatever your focusing theme might be.  
  • Reflection - these cards can be used at the end of a lesson or activity to give participants a chance to reflect on their experience.  Again, they can make a metaphor, "this systems-thinking game is like a clothes pin because it helped me hold together a lot of different ideas".  
  • Quality of Life prompts - Similar to the Introductions, these cards can be used to make metaphors of quality of life as a start to Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Kids project or the Quality of Life lesson.
  • Connections/Relationship game - using the cards as an open-ended game, have participants make connections or describe relationships between the various cards.  Have them describe the ways these items are in relationship with one another.  For example, what is the relationship between a cow and a bicycle?  
What are your ideas for how these cards can be used?  
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